Index to My Family Tree

Thought perhaps it was time to index the families I’m following so you can see how they’re all inter-related. The main families I’ve followed are my grandparent’s parents – the Griffins, Webbs, Longworths, Moores, GoodlandsMcPhails, Eagans, Garrows, Gardiners, Shepherd and Whalens. I also started tracing my stepfather’s line (Ireson). I’ve marked my direct relations and only included their children (and not their children’s children). I’ve also not put them in birth order – because it was easier to follow.

If you’re looking for visual references to this index, please check out this resource.

My Paternal Grandmother’s Paternal Line – Griffin

My Paternal Great-Grandmother’s Paternal Line – Longworth

My Paternal Great-Grandmother’s Maternal Line – Moore

My Paternal 2x Great-Grandmother’s Paternal Line – Goodland

My Paternal Grandfather’s Paternal Line – Webb

And because Selina Charlotte Webb’s son Alfred helped me break through a brick wall to her sister Sarah, I also traced her line down.

My Paternal Grandfather’s Maternal Line – Shepherd

My Maternal Grandmother’s Paternal Line – Gardiner

I would be remiss if I didn’t also point out the articles on the children of Hilda Mary Gardiner and Phyllis Winnifred Gardiner. Phyllis’ son Leonard died in a tragic accident in WWII, and Hilda’s daughter Frances married into the infamous Hill family in Niagara Falls.

My Maternal Grandmother’s Paternal Line – Whalen

  • John Whalen and Bridget Doyle (my maternal grandmothers 2x great-grandparents, my 3x great grandparents)
    • Patrick Whalen and Catherine Madden
    • Daniel Whalen and Elizabeth Corcoran
    • Anne Whalen
    • Bridgette Whalen
    • John Whalen and Theresa Corcoran
    • Peter Whalen and Mary Quinn
    • James Whalen and Bridget Corcoran
    • Thomas Whalen and Margaret Coughlin (my maternal grandmother’s great-grandparents, my 2x great grandparents)
      • Anne Bridget Whalen and Stephen Kinlin
      • John Whalen and Sarah Healy
      • Bridget Whalen and Thomas Joseph Cavanaugh
      • Thomas Whalen and Rose Ann Fenlon
      • Peter Whalen and Mary Cavanaugh
      • James Whalen and Bridget Cassidy
      • Patrick Whalen and Bridget O’Reilly and Margaret Kehoe
      • William Whalen and Sarah McGrath
      • Daniel Whalen and Bridget Phillips (my maternal grandmother’s grandparents, my 2x great-grandparents)

My Maternal Grandfather’s Paternal Line – McPhail

My Maternal Grandfather’s Maternal Line – Eagan

  • Patrick Eagan and Ellen/Bridget O’Brien (my maternal grandfather’s 2x great grandparents, my 4x great grandparents)
    • John Eagan
    • Katherine Eagan
    • Michael Eagan and Catherine Trainor (my maternal grandfather’s great-grandparents, my 3x great grandparents)
      • John Charles Eagan
      • Michael S. Eagan
      • Mary Eagan
      • Thomas Francis Eagan
      • Alice J. Eagan and Francois John B. Hebert
      • Mary Agnes Eagan
      • Patrick Joseph Eagan and Mary Ellen Duffield (my maternal grandfather’s grandparents, my 2x great grandparents)
          • John Christopher Eagan
          • Mary Eagan
          • Catherine M. Eagan and Carl Bernard Benson
          • John James Eagan and Mildred Ansel
          • Josephine Mary Eagan and Frank Buddin
          • Alice Elizabeth Eagan and George Leonard Archibald McPhail (my maternal grandfather’s parents, my great-grandparents)
            • John Leonard McPhail and Jean Winnifred Gardiner (my maternal grandparents)

My Maternal Grandfather’s Paternal Maternal Line – Garrow

My Stepfather’s Paternal Line – Ireson

  • George Ireson and Charlotte Thatcher (my stepfather’s paternal grandfather’s paternal great grandparents)
    • Charles Ireson
    • George Ireson
    • William Ireson
    • John Ireson
    • Matthew Ireson Sr. and Charlotte Augusta Lang (my stepfather’s paternal grandfather’s paternal grandparents)