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Rosina Eleanor Dyke and Albert Jones

When Rosina Eleanor Dyke was born on October 28, 1868 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England, her father, Edwin, was 24, and her mother, Selina Charlotte (née Webb) (1848-1937), was 21. She had six brothers and three sisters.

In 1871, Rosina is living with her grandparents, William Webb (1807-1872) and Sarah (nee Hawkins) (1806-1888) likely because her mother had just given birth to her brother William Webb Dyke. On the 1881 Census, we find her in her parent’s home.

On March 22, 1890, Rosina married Albert Jones at St. Paul’s Church in Crewe, Cheshire.

Albert Jones was born on March 26, 1867 in Crewe, Cheshire, England, son of John Jones. At the time of the marriage, John is a Boiler Maker and has worked with the railroad since the young age of 13. This is possibly how he was introduced to Rosina, whose family has a number of railway employees including her father and grandfather.

Rosina and Albert had nine children over the next 18 years:

  • Wilmot Jones (1890-1891)
  • Maggie Jones (1891-1994) married Charles Richard Johnson Jr. (1892-1963)
  • Minnie Jones (1894-1922) married Private Willie Archibald Hutchings (1889-1917) and Ambrose Cooke (1893-1965)
  • Alice Jones (1896-1921) married George Crimes (1891-1958)
  • Christina Jones (1898-?)
  • Albert Jones Jr. (1900-?)
  • Eleanor Jones (1903-?)
  • Lily Jones (1905-?)
  • Selina Florence Jones (1907-1996) married Horace Young Cornes (1908-1972)

Wilmot is captured with the couple on the 1891 census at 74 Chetwode Street in Crewe. This is likely one of the few records of him as he died shortly after the census within a year of his birth.

1891 Census (image via
74 Chetwode Street, Crewe (image via GoogleMaps)

No baptismal records have been identified for any of the children, but based on the birth registration index, Rosina was likely pregnant with Maggie at the time of the 1891 census. Her birth is followed by Minnie (1894), Alice (1896), Christina (1898) and Albert Jr. (1900). We find them all at 22 Oak Street in Crewe on the 1901 census. If there was a home there, it’s been replaced by a parking lot.

1901 Census (image via

The couple has at least four more children, Eleanor (1903), Lily (1905), Selina Florence (1907) and Florence Lilian (1908). In 1911, we find Albert and Rosina with Christina, Albert, Eleanor (Nelly), Lily and Selina at 3 Duke Street.

1911 Census (image via
3 Duke Street, Crewe (image via GoogleMaps)

On the 1939 Register, the couple is living at 168 Market Street in Crewe (which is also now a parking lot). Albert is retired. There is another person living in the household, but that record is still closed.

1939 Register (image via

Albert died on August 6, 1950 followed by his wife on May 11, 1952, both having lived in Crewe, Cheshire, England their entire lives.

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