About Me

Hi! I’m AG. I started my family tree research in around 2004. It’s lead me to find some interesting links and meet (virtually mostly) some amazing people who are researching branches of my tree, as well as branches of their own trees. I was drawn to posting all of my research on the internet because it’s the best way to provide a repository for all of the information I’ve found (and in the over fifteen years I’ve been researching…it’s a LOT!)

I’m always interested to meet other members of my extended family. If you’ve found a “branch” we have in common, please get in contact. I’d love to share your stories and pictures of our common ancestors.

Get your OWN Family Tree Site

Thinking about how you should preserve your own family history for future generations? Have you thought about making a book but you’re concerned that you can’t update it? 

A family tree website is a great way to keep a living history of your family and preserve it for future generations. Contact me using the form below and we can discuss how you get your family history online.

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