Robert Longworth and Margaret Alice Morris and Amy Florence Ankers

When Robert Longworth was born on April 8, 1863, in Adlington, Lancashire, England, his father, John Longworth (1832-1880), was 31 and his mother, Alice (née Loxham) (1839-1891), was 24. He had three brothers and eight sisters. Like his father, Robert was a collier by trade.

Robert married Margaret Alice Morris on June 7, 1884, at St.  James’ Church in Chorley, Lancashire.

When Margaret Alice Morris was born in 1865 in Chorley, Lancashire, England, her father, Joseph Morris (1832-1880), was 33, and her mother, Martha (née Thornley) (1833-?), was 32.

Robert and Margaret had nine children over 21 years:

  • Thomas Longworth (1883-1961) married Elizabeth Alice Threlfall (1882-1943)
  • May Longworth (1886-1886)
  • Florrie Longworth (1887-1975) married John William Rothwell (1882-1956)
  • Elijah Loxham Longworth (1889-1948) married Mary Elizabeth Derbyshire (1884-?) and Mary Ann Pearl Condon (1911-)
  • John Longworth (1892-1989) married Beatrice Ince (1897-1982)
  • James Longworth (1896-1918)
  • Robert Longworth (1899-?)
  • Isabella Longworth (1902-1978) married Arthur Clarence Wealthy (1896-1968)
  • Lily Longworth (1906-1984) married Joseph Gillibrand (1907-1990)

The couple’s firstborn son, Thomas Longworth, was born on September 20, 1884 and baptized at St. James’ on October 5th. The family is living at 10 Canterbury Street in Chorley (coincidentally, Robert’s brother Thomas and family were living next door at 12 Cantebury in 1893).

Baptismal Record, Chorley St James’ (image via
10 Canterbury Street, Chorley (image via GoogleMaps)

May Longworth is the couple’s first daughter. She’s born on May 21, 1886, and baptized on June 20th. She does not survive her first year.

Baptismal Record, Chorley St James’ (image via

Florrie Longworth is the next daughter born on June 27, 1887, and baptized on July 31st.

4 Eaves Lane, Chorley (image via GoogleMaps)

Elijah Loxham Longworth is named for his father’s mother’s uncle. He’s born on December 26, 1889, and baptized on February 9, 1890.

Baptismal Record, Chorley St James’ (image via

In 1891, we find the family on the census with Robert, Mary Alice, Thomas, Florrie, and Elijah. They are living at 263 Cottage (I have been unable to locate the address on modern maps).

1891 England Census (image via

The couple’s third son, John Longworth, is born on January 12, 1892. I’ve examined the parish records and not located a baptismal record for John. It seems odd that he was not baptized, but I’ve checked through 1891 through 1896 and not located a record that matches. His birthdate is verified on future documents.

James Longworth is born on July 3, 1896 and baptized on July 29th. The family has moved to 23 Cowling Brow and Robert is now listed as a “labourer.”

Baptismal Record, Chorley St James’ (image via
23 Carling Brow, Chorley (image via GoogleMaps)

Robert Longworth (named for his father) is born on June 13, 1899. He’s baptized on July 16th. This record suggests the family has moved to 12 Carling Brow.

Baptismal Record, Chorley St James’ (image via
12 Carling Brow, Chorley (image via GoogleMaps)

In 1901, the family is living at 8 Brownley Street in Chorley. Robert’s occupation is a “coal hewer.” Thomas is a labourer at the railway and Florrie is working as a cotton weaver.

1901 England Census (image via

Isabella Longworth is the third daughter born on April 8, 1902 and baptized on May 18th. The record suggests the family is living on Cowling Brow, but I suspect that the church didn’t have updated address information.

Baptismal Record, Chorley St James’ (image via

The couple’s final daughter Lily Longworth is born on March 17, 1906 and baptized on March 23rd. The record suggests the family is living at 12 Eaves Lane, and Robert is a “labourer.”

Baptismal Record, Chorley St James’ (image via

It’s likely that Margaret Alice died either during childbirth or from complications arising from the birth. The death record indicates she died in March, 1906 at the age of 46.

Interestingly, when plotted out on a map, all of the homes of Robert’s family between 1884 and 1906 are within a three-block radius of each other.
James Longworth was killed in service during World War I on May 24, 1918. Records indicate that he was a Corporal of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. There is a memorial headstone in Flanders Field, and his name is listed on a marker in St. James Church in Chorley.

War Memorial, St. James Church, Chorley

Second Marriage

After several years as a widower, Robert Longworth married Amy Florence Ankers, a widow and the mother-in-law of his son John, on September 2, 1920, in Chorley, Lancashire, England.

When Amy Florence Ankers was born in 1879 in Wigan, Lancashire, England, her father, Robert Murray Ankers (1846-1879), was 33, and her mother, Mary Emma (nee Jones), was 31.

Prior to her marriage to Robert Longworth, Amy married William Ince (1877-1917) and had three children:

  • Beatrice Ince (1897-1982) married John Longworth (1892-1989)
  • Edith Ince (1904-1980) married Thomas Meadows (1904-?)
  • Annie Ince (1907-1908)

Robert died on November 26, 1936, in Chorley, Lancashire, England, at the age of 73.

Amy Florence died in March 1956 in Chorley, Lancashire, England, at the age of 77. Their burial locations are currently unknown.


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