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Emily Squires and Thomas Hughes

Emily Squires married Thomas Hughes on August 27, 1892 at the parish of St. John the Baptist (where several of Emily's siblings were baptized).

When Emily Squires was born on February 18, 1874, in Chester, Cheshire, England, her mother, Sarah (née Webb) (1842-1915), was 32. Although Emily took her mother’s husband’s (James Squires) last name and she lists him later as her father on legal documents, Emily was born eight years after his death and her actual father is unknown. Emily had three brothers and four sisters (one adopted).

Emily Squires married Thomas Hughes on August 27, 1892 at the parish of St. John the Baptist (where several of Emily’s siblings were baptized). At the time of the marriage, Emily was still living in her mother’s home on Francis Street. She lists her mother’s deceased husband as her father (although we know he is not). Emily’s mother and Thomas’ father are witnesses to the marriage.

St. John the Baptist, Cheshire – Marriage Register (image via
30 Love Street, Chester (image via GoogleMaps)

When Thomas Hughes was born in 1873 in Chester, Cheshire, England, his father, Joseph Hughes (1849-1906), was 24 and his mother, Ann (née Chesworth) (1846-1909), was 27. Like Thomas, his father Joseph was also a chimney sweep, and the family lived at 30 Love Street in Chester. Thomas had three brothers and five sisters.

Thomas and Emily had seven children over the next 12 years:

  • Joseph Thomas Hughes (1895-1942)
  • James Hughes (1896-?) married Victoria May Wild (1898-?)
  • Dorothy Hughes (1898-1909)
  • Albert Hughes (1900-1974)
  • Emily Hughes (1902-1995) married Percy Atkinson (1901-1949)
  • William Hughes (1903-1983) married Ida Sanderson (1902-1991)
  • May Hughes (1908-1992)

Joseph Thomas Hughes is born on July 11, 1895 and baptized at St. John the Baptist on August 25th. It appears that the family is still living with Emily’s mother at 61 Francis Street.

Baptismal Register, St. John the Baptist, Cheshire (image via

James Hughes is born on August 10, 1896 and baptized on September 6th. The family is still living on Francis Street.

Baptismal Register, St. John the Baptist, Cheshire (image via

Dorothy Hughes is born on October 24, 1898, and baptized on December 18th, and the family has moved to 74 Boughton Street in Chester. Dorothy and all the children after her are baptized at Chester’s St. Paul Church (likely because of the move).

Baptismal Register, St. Pauls, Boughton, Cheshire (image via

Albert Hughes is born on February 6, 1900. He’s baptized on March 18th.

Baptismal Register, St. Pauls, Boughton, Cheshire (image via

In 1901 the family is living at 66 Boughton Street in Chester. We find Thomas and Emily with children Joseph, James, Dorothy and Albert. Several school records in the early part of the century also point to this address.

62-66 Boughton Street, Cheshire (image via GoogleMaps)
1891 England Census (image via

Emily Hughes (named for her mother) is born on September 22, 1902 and baptized on October 26, 1902.

Baptismal Register, St. Pauls, Boughton, Cheshire (image via

William Hughes is born on December 31, 1903, and baptized on January 17, 1904.

Baptismal Register, St. Pauls, Boughton, Cheshire (image via

May Hughes is the final child born in 1908. She’s baptized on April 8, 1908 at Chester’s St. Paul’s.

Baptismal Register, St. Pauls, Boughton, Cheshire (image via

Young Dorothy died in 1909 at the age of eleven. Her burial location is unknown.

In 1911 we find the family still on Boughton Road (now 64). Thomas is a Chimney Cleaner, Emily a Grocer (possibly the building was a grocery?). Joseph is a Casement Maker’s apprentice. James is a gentleman’s outfitter’s apprentice. Albert is in school. Also living with the family is Emily’s mother Sarah and her adopted sister Gladys, who appears to be assisting in a grocery (possibly Emily).

1911 England Census (image via

Emily died on June 12, 1951, at the age of 77. Her obituary was in the Cheshire Observer on June 23rd.

Cheshire Observer, June 23, 1951

Thomas survived almost another ten years until December 19, 1960, at the age of 88. A very nice obituary appeared in the Cheshire Observer on December 24th.

Cheshire Observer, December 24, 1960


The couple are buried together with daughter Dorothy and son Joseph Thomas at the Overleigh New Cemetery in Chester.

Main Image: Thomas and Emily Hughes (image via Geoffrey Hughes)


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