Relationship Category: 3x Great-Grandparents

Michael Eagan and Catherine Trainor

Michael Eagan married Catherine Trainor four years after emigrating to Rhode Island. The couple had seven children but only two survived to adulthood.

Entrance to St Elphin's Church, Warrington
Edward Dutton and Mary Ackerley

Edward Dutton (1824-1884) married Mary (née Ackerley) on November 15, 1846, in St. Elphin’s Church in Warrington, England.

Finding the Irish Duffields

I thought I’d be stuck in Rhode Island and never able to trace my Duffield family back to Ireland. With just one record, I was able to break through that brick wall.

Samuel Gardiner Jr. and Catharine Jones

Samuel Gardiner Jr. married Catharine Jones on December 20, 1854, in Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire, Wales. They had 12 children in the next 15 years.

John Garrow Jr. and Bridget Dillon

I have been unsuccessful in locating a marriage record for John Garrow and Bridget Dillon, but they settled in Arthur, Ontario, Canada.

John Whalen and Bridget Doyle

John Whalen was born in 1790 in Clonmore, Carlow, Ireland, the son of Patrick. He married Bridget Doyle before 1812.

Daniel Goodland and Anne Grimes

When Daniel Goodland was born in 1829 in Lovington, Somerset, England, his father, William Goodland (1789-1859), was 40 and his

Samuel Bird Griffin and Jane Wallis

After swearing a marriage bond on December 30, 1858, Samuel Bird Griffin, a Yeoman and bachelor aged 21 years, married Jane Wallis, a spinster aged 21 years, on January 4, 1859.

John Longworth and Alice Loxham

John Longworth married Alice Loxham on February 13, 1859, at Christ Church in Adlington, Lancashire, England. They had eight children before he died tragically.

Sarah Webb and James Squires

The birth information for my great-great-grandfather suggests that his father’s name was James Webb by his wife Sarah. It’s more complicated than that.