Charles Griffin and Ellen Gage

Charles Griffin

When Charles Griffin was born on March 28, 1866, in Kingston Seymour, Somerset, England, his father, Samuel Bird Griffin (1834-1890), an Auctioneer, was 32 and his mother, Jane (née Wallis) (1835-1909), was 31. He had nine brothers and two sisters.

Charles married Ellen Gage on April 5, 1891, at All Saints Church in Kingston Seymour, Somerset, England. At the time of the marriage, Charles was a farmer, and living with his brother Alfred at Riverside Farm.

Marriage Registration, All Saints Church (image via

When Ellen Gage was born in March 1870 in Bedminster, Somerset, England, her father, George Wylde Gage (1823-1872), a Farmer, was 47, and her mother, Ellen (née Price) (1839-1897), was 31.

*Note: Charles’ brother Wallace married Mary Ann Price, likely related to Ellen’s mother.

Charles and Ellen had nine children over a period of 17 years:

  • Charles Donald Griffin (1891-1964) married Nellie James (1892-1980)
  • Marjorie Griffin (1893-1977) married Dennis Burge (1892-1970)
  • Phyllis Griffin (1894-1963) married Glyn Morgan James (1880-1957)
  • Percival George Griffin (1898-1967) married Doris Muriel Active (1908-2004)
  • Leslie Griffin (1899-1899)
  • Denis Gage Griffin (1900-1965) married Agnes E. Jones (1901-2002)
  • Archibald Edward Griffin (1903-1964) married Gladys Mary Shopland (1902-2007)
  • Kathleen Griffin (1905-1977) married Henry M. Newman (1899-1943)
  • Joyce Griffin (1909-1975)

Charles Donald is the couple’s firstborn son on December 31, 1891. He’s baptized at All Saints Parish in Kingston Seymour on February 2, 1892.

Baptismal Register, All Saints (image via

Marjorie is the couple’s firstborn daughter. She’s born on February 21, 1893 and baptized at All Saints on April 1st.

Baptismal Register, All Saints (image via

The couple moves out of their home in Kingston Seymour sometime in 1893 and moves to Manor Farm in Claverham. This home had belonged to Charles’ brother Wallace (who subsequently became the Landlord of the Swan Hotel), but was auctioned off in 1893. It must have been purchased by Charles Sr.

Manor Farm, Claverham

Daughter Phyllis is the first child born at Claverham on January 11, 1894. She is baptized at St. Mary the Virgin in Yatton on February 7th.

Baptismal Register, St. Mary the Virgin (image via

Percival George is born December 25, 1898. No baptism has been located, possibly because he is closely followed by Leslie Charles on April 29, 1899, but the dates seem far too close. It’s potentially possible that the date later recorded as Percival’s birth is incorrect. Either way, Leslie is baptized on May 26, 1899, and his death is recorded a few short months later. No burial has been located.

Baptismal Register, St. Mary the Virgin (image via

Denis Gage Griffin is born on September 28, 1900, and baptized on October 24th.

Baptismal Register, St. Mary the Virgin (image via

In 1901, the family is on the census at Manor Farm. Charles (35) is a farmer. Presumably, the older children are at school (although it’s not noted in the census). There is a domestic servant living in the home.

1901 England Census (image via

Archibald Edward Griffin is the couple’s fifth born son on May 30, 1902. He is baptized at St. Mary’s on July 6th.

Baptismal Register, St. Mary the Virgin (image via

Kathleen is the couple’s third daughter, born on March 11, 1905. She is baptized on April 5th.

Baptismal Register, St. Mary the Virgin (image via

Joyce is the last child born on August 24, 1910, and baptized on October 16th.

Baptismal Register, St. Mary the Virgin (image via

In 1911, the family appears on the census still at Manor Farm. Charles Sr. (45) is working the farm with Charles Jr. and Marjorie. The farm appears to be a dairy. All the other children except Joyce are at school.

1911 England Census (image via

Ellen died April 3, 1939, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, at the age of 69. Her passing is recorded in the Western Daily Press.

Western Daily Press, April 10, 1939 (image via

On the 1939 Register, Charles has retired but is still living with two of his children, Percival and Joyce, who are working on the farm.

1939 England Register (image via

Charles died on April 18, 1945, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, at the age of 79. An article in the Western Daily Press suggests that he was the oldest resident of Claverham at the time of his death, and that he was one of the original members of the Yatton Parish Council.

Western Daily Press, April 27, 1945 (image via

Charles and Ellen are buried together in the Churchyard at St. Mary the Virgin.

Main image: Charles Griffin and family

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