Ellenor Squires and Ellis Carman (and John Barwise)

When Ellenor Squires was born in 1865 in Hyde, Cheshire, England, her father, James Squires (1843-1866), was 22, and her mother, Sarah (née Webb) (1842-1915), was 23. She had four sisters (one adopted) and three brothers.

In 1881, Elleanor has left her parent’s home and is working in the home of Mary C. Townshead at 10 Stanley Place in Chester as a housemaid.

1881 England Census (image via Ancestry.com)
10 Stanley Place, Chester (image via GoogleMaps)

Ellenor married Ellis Carman on August 30, 1887, in Cheshire, England.

When Ellis Carman was born in 1865 in Great Boughton, Cheshire, England, his father, John Carman (1832-1881), was 33 and his mother, Ann (née Jenkinson) (1838-1914), was 27. Ellis was a teacher. He died on December 20, 1887, less than four months after his marriage to Ellenor, who was pregnant at the time of her husband’s passing. Their son was:

  • Ellis James Carman (1888-1954) married Maria Phoebe Burns (1886-1958)
Ellis James Carman was baptized on July 29, 1888 at St.  John the Baptist in Chester, Cheshire, England. At the time of his baptism, the Ellenor was living in Ellenor’s mother’s home at 61 Francis Street in Chester. The baptismal record suggests that the elder Ellis was a coachman before his death.
St. John the Baptist, Chester, Baptismal Records (image via FindMyPast.com)

John Barwise was born in 1862. He married Emma Moore (1862-1887) in 1885 in Chester, Cheshire, England. When John Barwise was born in 1862, his father, William, was 31 (I have not found any specific information about his mother. The woman listed as William’s wife in 1891 is Mary, however, I cannot trace William prior to the 1891 census or place John with Mary prior to that census.)

They had two children prior to Emma’s death (likely in childbirth) in 1887.

  • John Barwise Jr. (1885-1954) married Mary E. Bennett (1891-1940)
  • William Barwise (1887-1970)

John Barwise Jr. was born on December 25, 1885 and baptized on October 3, 1886 at All Saints in Hoole, Cheshire England.

William Barwise was baptized October 2, 1887 (almost a year to the day after his brother) in the same parish church.

The widow Ellenor (nee Squires) Carman and the widower John Barwise married in 1890. They had ten more children, five daughters and five sons, together:

  • Mary Barwise (1890-?) married Robert Samuel Jones (1888-1966)
  • Sarah Ellen Barwise (1892-1965) married Andrew Pontremoli (1892-1962)
  • Joseph Barwise (1893-1978)
  • Ellenor Barwise (1898-1972) married John E. Jones (1896-?)
  • Florence (Florry) Emily Barwise (1900-?) married William Bennett (1898-?)
  • Thomas Edward Barwise (1901-1969) married Ruth Roberts
  • Hudson Barwise (1904-1943) married Rachel May Lloyd (1901-1972)
  • Robert Barwise (1906-1961) married Megan E. Davies (1910-2010)
  • May Barwise (1908-1937) married Thomas J. Williams
  • Edward Barwise (1911-1958) married Hannah Lloyd (1915-1989)

In 1891, the blended family is living on Hoole Lane in Hoole, Cheshire, England, with Ellis having the last name Barwise, and the youngest member, Mary, is five months old, placing her birth in December 1890. John is a farmer. The specific street address is not noted on the census, however, a couple of doors down we find “Hoole Lodge”, which is listed on the Wikipedia page for Chester (ChesterWiki). The lodge is no longer on the street but suggests that the family was fairly well off. As well, listed on the bottom of the same census page, we find William Barwise and family (John’s father).

1891 England Census (image via Ancestry.com)

Mary and Sarah Ellen Barwise were both baptized on August 7, 1892, at the same parish church as their brothers, and Joseph Barwise was baptized there as well on February 5, 1893. Several records in the “England, Cheshire, School Records, 1796-1950” at FamilySearch.org show John, William and Mary attending Boughton St. Paul’s School between 1893 and 1895 and confirm their address at Hoole Farm.

(image via FamilySearch.org)

Sometime between March 1895 and the birth of Ellenor Barwise in 1898, the family moved to Flintshire, Wales.

Ellenor (“Nelly”) Barwise is baptized on Whitsunday, May 29, 1898, at the Parish Church of St. Mary and St. David in Flint. Their address is listed as “Maesgwyn” and John’s occupation is a farmer.

Flintshire Baptisms (image via findmypast.com)

Florence Emily (Florry) Barwise is born next. She’s baptized on March 29, 1900.

Flintshire Baptisms (image via findmypast.com)

Thomas Edward Barwise is baptized on March 17, 1901.

Flintshire Baptisms (image via findmypast.com)

Hudson Barwise is baptized on February 15, 1905.

Flintshire Baptisms (image via findmypast.com)

Robert Barwise is born next in 1906 and baptized on December 15.

Flintshire Baptisms (image via findmypast.com)

May Barwise is baptized on January 16, 1908.

Flintshire Baptisms (image via findmypast.com)

In 1911, we find the family on the Welsh census still at Maesgwyn Farm. Ellis is the only child not shown still living at home. NO occupation is listed for John, William, Mary, Sarah, or Joseph. Nelly, Florry, Tom and Hudson are in “school”. An internet search suggests that Maesgwyn Farm still exists and is on Halkyn Road in Flint. An article on CPAT suggests that Maesgwyn was a substantial farm.

1911 Census of England and Wales (image via Ancestry.com)

The family is listed at Halkyn Road Maes Gwyn Farm in the 1911 Wales Census summary books as well, with seven males and six females in the household. The house is listed as a “farm house.” In the two adjoining properties listed as private houses, Halkyn Road Maes Gwyn Cottage and Nant T Flint Nant Frew, are two men named Mr. Jones, who could be related to the husbands of Mary and the younger Ellenor.

1911 Wales Census Summary Books (image via Ancestry.com)

It is likely that Ellenor was pregnant (for the last time) at the time of the census. The last (known) son, Edward, is baptized on September 14, 1911.

Flintshire Baptisms (image via findmypast.com)

Ellenor died in 1915 in Flintshire, Wales, at the age of 50.

Ellis served in the Royal Army Medical Corps and Joseph served in The Royal Welsh Fusiliers during World War I.

John died in 1940 in Flintshire, Wales, at the age of 78.

Main Image: Flint, Wales (Lacey, Samuel, fl. 1818-1857, engraver. Gastineau, Henry G., 1791-1876, artist.) (Image via Wikimedia)


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  1. I found this by accident – and it’s my family. Florence Emily (Florry) Barwise was my grandmother. I’ve done quite a lot of research about the family myself, and am very happy to share info.

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