Sidney Bird Griffin and Amelia Gage Wallis

When Sidney Bird Griffin Sr. was born on February 7, 1872, in Kingston Seymour, Somerset, England, his father, Samuel Bird Griffin (1834-1890), was 37, and his mother, Jane (née Wallis) (1835-1909), was 37. He had nine brothers and two sisters.

Sidney married Amelia Gage Wallis (his cousin) on March 31, 1902, at All Saints Church in Kingston Seymour. The wedding was witnessed by Amelia’s sister Ella and brother James Gage. Sidney’s occupation is “Grocer.”

In fact, two of Amelia’s sisters married two of Samuel’s brothers. Edith Wallis married Edward Griffin, and Laura Wallis married Alfred Griffin. As a result, all of their children would have had the same two sets of grandparents, making them “double first cousins.” In terms of DNA, double cousins are as closely related as half-siblings.

When Amelia Gage Wallis was born on October 2, 1869, in Kingston Seymour, Somerset, England, her father, John Wallis (1833-1906), was 36, and her mother, Mary (née Gage) (1834-1911), was 35.

They had two children during their marriage.

  • Wilfred Gordon Griffin (1904-1989) married Ivy Atwell (1907-1995)
  • Sidney Bird Griffin Jr. (1906-1970) married Ida Elizabeth Frost (1902-1987)

Both boys were likely baptized, but baptismal records have not been identified.

In 1911, the couple is found on the English census in East Clevedon. Sidney (39) is a “grocer, corn dealer” and Amelia (41) is said to be assisting him in business. There is also a servant living in the household.

1911 England Census (image via

According to an article written by Wilfred Griffin in the Bath Times and Mirror on May 29, 1920, a cross bearing the inscription “In glorious memory of those from this parish who gave their lives for their country, and in honour of those who fought and suffered with them in the Great War, 1914-1919” was set in the square at Kingston Seymour. The cost of the memorial was born by public subscription, and Sidney was a force behind the collection.

On the 1939 Register, the couple is living at “Triangle House” in Clevedon, and both of their children are married and living on their own. Triangle House is now known as Bentham House (pictured below). Also in the home is Amelia’s unmarried sister Ella.

1939 Register (image via
Bentham (formerly Triangle) House, Kingston Seymour (image via GoogleMaps)

Sidney Sr. died on February 8, 1944, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, at the age of 72.

Amelia died on February 26, 1957, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, at the age of 87.

The couple is buried in the cemetery at All Saints in Kingston Seymour. The stone reads:

Sidney Bird Griffin 1872-1943 
Amelia Gage Griffin 1869-1957 
Grant them light and peace O Lord and continue in them that good work begun here on earth.

Gravestone – Sidney Bird and Amelia Gage Griffin

Main image: All Saints Church Kingston Seymour (cc license)

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  1. Hi, I am the daughter of Wilfred Gordon Griffin, son of Sidney Bird and Amelia Gage. Wilfred was apprenticed to a Grocer when he left school but encouraged by the village vicar continued his education and having learned the requisite subjects such as Latin and Greek went to study at Kings College London and himself became a priest. He married Ivy Atwell and they had two children. Antony Wilfred James and Susan Mary. I have lots of information about the family if you have any questions.

    1. Always lovely to meet another “cousin” – according to my relationship calculator, we’re second cousins twice removed. Sidney Bird Griffin was my grandmother’s (Dorothy Irene Griffin) grandfather’s (John Griffin) brother. Her father moved to Canada just before the FWW. I’ll send you an email!

  2. Hi Amanda, have been trying to send you my family tree section re samual Bird and descendants but as file has photos is proving too big to send. I will have to see if I can split it up but as it was done long ago on an old computer my ipad is being a bit awkward but I will persevere. Hope all well with you and yours.

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