Sarah Eliza Squires and Charles Moore

When Sarah Eliza Squires was born in 1866 in Chester, Cheshire, England, her father, James Squires (1842-1866), was 24, and her mother, Sarah (née Webb) (1842-1915), was 24. She had three brothers and four sisters.

Sarah Eliza Squires married Charles Moore on August 30, 1886, at St. Mary in Edge Hill, Lancashire, England.

Charles Moore was born in 1853 in Guilden Sutton, Cheshire, England, the son of James Moore (his mother’s name is unknown).

They couple had nine children over 19 years:

  • Bessie Moore (1887-1970) married Robert Shea Elliott (1885-1959)
  • Charles Moore (1889-?)
  • Florence (Florrie) Moore (1890-?)
  • Kitty Moore (1893-?)
  • William Henry (Harry) Moore (1895-?)
  • George Moore (1897-1979) married Francis Mathias (1894-1977)
  • Frank Moore (1900-1982)
  • Violet Moore (1902-?)
  • Herbert Moore (1906-1982)

Bessie Moore is baptized at St. John’s Church in Chester (the same church her mother was baptized in) on April 10, 1887. The record suggests she was born on February 1st and her father’s occupation is listed as a “Solicitor Clerk.” The family is living at 1 Pyecroft Street in Chester.

Baptismal Records St. John Chester, (image via
1 Pyecroft Street, Chester (image via GoogleMaps)

Charles Moore is born on  June 21, 1888, and baptized on July 29th at St. John’s.

Baptismal Records St. John Chester, (image via

Florence (Florrie) Moore is born February 25, 1890. She’s baptized on April 27th.

Baptismal Records St. John Chester, (image via

In 1891 we find the family living at number 10 Henshall Street in Chester. At home are Charles and Sarah, Bessie, Charles and Florence. Charles’ occupation is a “Solicitor’s clerk.”

1891 England Census (image via
10 Henshall Street, Chester (image via GoogleMaps)

Kitty Moore is born on March 28, 1893. She is also baptized at St. John’s on August 6, 1893.

Baptismal Records, St. John Chester (image via

William Henry (Harry) Moore is born March 17, 1895. He’s baptized on June 10th.

Baptismal Records, St. John Chester (image via

George Moore is born on March 10, 1897. He’s baptized on June 14th. Their “abode” indicates the family has moved to Waverton.

Baptismal Records, St. John Chester (image via

Frank Moore is born on March 5, 1900 (and if you’ve been watching, he’s the fourth in a row born that month…). Frank is baptized on July 23rd. The address is Abbot’s Nook and Victoria Road.

Baptismal Records, St. John Chester (image via

On the 1901 Census, we find the family at 9 Abbot’s Nook (the address is now an apartment building). Charles is now a Solicitor’s Managing Clerk. Bessie is a Milliner’s apprentice (a milliner designs, makes or sells hats for women).

1901 England Census (image via

Violet Moore is born on (drumroll) March 7, 1902 (and now I’m guessing July was when Mr. Moore had his vacation). She’s baptized on June 15th.

Baptismal Records, St. John Chester (image via

The final child born is Herbert Moore on January 3, 1906. He’s baptized on April 30, 1906. It appears that the family has moved again to Great Saughall.

Baptismal Records, St. John Chester (image via

In 1911 we find the family on Little Saughall Road in Chester (I can’t find the location on GoogleMaps and a specific address isn’t listed). The census has Charles and Sarah as well as Kitty, Harry, George, Frank, Violet, and Herbert. Charles is still a Solicitor’s Managing Clerk. Harry is a Gardener. The census verifies the couple only had nine children – but suggests that the older children are in 1) India (Bessie?), 2) the Bermudas, West Indies (Charles?) and 3) at Northhampton (Florrie?).

1911 England Census (image via

And there our records go cold. Another Ancestry user suggests that Sarah died on May 26, 1919, but I haven’t been able to confirm this date. I also have no information related to the death of Charles Moore.

Main image: Toastrack car of Blackpool Corporation Tramways. Postcard ca. 1905 (image via Wikimedia)


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