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After several years of researching my family tree, I’ve struggled with not only keeping everything organized but also with making it available for my family to view. I have several trees entered at, but can only access records if I pay for a membership (which I’ve reluctant to do because I don’t have the time I’d like to devote to this passion).

And so here we are—and I’ve started this blog in part to keep an electronic record of all of the lovely things I’ve learned about my family. As it is electronic, this blog is fully searchable, which will also serve as a peripheral brain of sorts—to allow me to come back to and edit as I learn more information.

The blog will be sorted on the male line, not because I believe in the patriarchy, but more because it’s easier to organize that way. On most pages, you’ll find the name of a male and his spouse and descendants. If they’re available, I’ll also post transcripts of records, links to websites including obituaries, and, if I can find them, pictures.

If you’ve found a common ancestor on one of my pages, please get in touch! I’d love it if you can share photos or memories, which (with your permission) I will also use to update this site.

I am very aware that people have privacy concerns. As a result, this site will not include information about any living ancestors without their express permission.


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