Relationship Tag: children of John James McPhail and Catharine Ann McIntosh

Donald James McPhail

When Donald James McPhail was born on May 19, 1879, in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, his father, John James McPhail (1838-1879), would have been 41 and his

Alexander McPhail

This page is a placeholder – as I don’t actually know what happened to my Alexander McPhail.

John Joseph McPhail

This page is a placeholder—as I don’t know what happened to John McPhail after the 1881 Census. It’s possible he moved to Montreal, but I haven’t definitively been able to trace him yet.

Mary Catherine McPhail and John Hardigan

Mary Catherine married John Hardigan on September 12, 1887, at St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in St. Andrews, Stormont, Ontario, Canada. They had seven children.